Intellinova Parallel MB is a small and robust unit for parallel condition measurement on four channels. The unit is available in two versions; either for vibration measurement - with optional shock pulse measurement via the DuoTech accelerometer - or for shock pulse measurement only.

High-performance characteristics and easy configuration

Intellinova Parallel MB measures in parallel on all four channels and provides immediate indication of current operating condition. The unit can operate in an online or an offline mode. A number of pre-programmed configurations are available for easy selection with rotary switches on the front panel.

Intellinova Parallel MB can operate as an offline device - where further analysis can be done using for example portable instruments on the unit's isolated signal output - but is also easily integrated into existing industrial automation systems via Modbus RTU.

Alarms can be set with or without a delay, based either on time or on a number of measurements. Measuring results and symptom values are compared with the alarm level set up and can activate one of six digital inputs/outputs which can be configured to control a relay, for example. To ensure that no critical events go unnoticed, the unit can be set up to repeat its configured measurements as often as possible.The status of the latest measurement is indicated by a LED on the front panel. Two parallel RPM inputs can be used for measurements with HD Order Tracking.

The units have a robust aluminum housing and are intended for DIN rail mounting.

Vibration measurement unit - Dual Technology

The unit measures the vibration level on all four channels in parallel. When used with the DuoTech (Dual Technology) accelerometer, it ican also be used for shock pulse measurement. The unit provides continuous monitoring of operating condition by means of:

• Vibration measurement (Acceleration / Velocity / Displacement rms, HD ENV)
• Symptom values 
• Spectrum 
• Time signal 
• Shock pulse measurement including lubrication condition (HDm/HDc, LR/HR) via DuoTech accelerometer

Shock pulse measurement unit

The measuring unit measures on four channels in parallel, monitoring operating condition by means of:

• Shock pulse measurement including lubrication condition (HDm/HDc, LR/HR) 
• Symptom values 
• Spectrum 
• Time signal

Intellinova HMI

Intellinova HMI is an easy-to-use interface providing an instant overview of the condtion of machines monitored by Intellinova Parallel MB. Evaluation of measurement results are presented in green-yellow-red based on manually set alarm levels. The Intellinova HMI can be ordered separately for flexible installation anywhere, or be included in a cabinet with 1-2 vibration measurement units forming a complete condition monitoring system.

Intellinova HMI - display with integrated software for Intellinova Parallel MB vibration measurement units.

Contact your SPM representative to learn more about condition monitoring with Intellinova Parallel MB.